Top Things You Need to Do: Make the Most of Nashville CE

When CMS heads to Nashville, you know you’re in for a good time. 

Nashville is the place to be for dental CE.In a few short months, we’re holding Ultimate Occlusion Level 1: Mastering Functional Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee. The city is a unique mix of old and new with a dash of Southern hospitality.

The last time we were in Nashville, we witnessed a grandma’s bachelorette party. It was a rowdy affair on a eight person bicycle with, of course, a keg. Suffice to say, it’s sure to be a place to metaphorically “let your hair down” after a dose of stimulating CE this September.

Get Your Grub On

Mason jar cocktail, anyone? One of our favorite places to eat during a stay in Nashville is The Stillery. This lively restaurant serves up a yummy combination of great food and entertainment.

It’s also imperative that you go to at least one Honky Tonk. Even if country music isn’t your thing, it’s part of the authentic experience.

Best Dive Bar: Head to Robert’s Western World for a burger, Pabst, and moon pie accompanied by music. Aptly labeled, “Hillbilly Heaven,” we guarantee you’ll have a good time.

The Parthenon is a must-see sight in Nashville. Best Places for a Selfie

If you know Nashville, you know Nashville Symphony Hall (you have to go inside, it’s a breathtaking sight) and the replica of the Parthenon. Who needs Greece when you have Tennessee?

You also can’t go wrong with a walk down Broadway Street to get a feel for the energetic downtown atmosphere.

Visit the Man in Black

Have you really seen a city if you haven’t been to a museum? We suggest the Johnny Cash Museum for an interesting overview of the life of this famous American musician.

Broadway Street in Nashville is great to walk.Are You Nashville’s Next Star?

Karaoke at The Lipstick Lounge or Ms. Kelli’s to showcase your most embarrassing vocals. Round off a whirlwind weekend by singing off-key to Taylor Swift.

UO1 is all about hands-on learning for everyday dentistry and cosmetic restorative cases. You’ll learn how to successfully incorporate occlusal stability into your daily practice. Nashville is the perfect setting for elevating your learning with Drs. John Nosti, Mike Smith, Lee Ann Brady, and Jason Olitsky.

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