by Jason Olitsky, DMD
Program Director, Clinical Mastery Series

increasing VDOPatient presented to me to improve her smile, but it was apparent that to improve her smile we would need to also improve her occlusal relationship. Helga always wanted a nicer smile. She had worn a significant portion of her natural dentition in the anterior.

Evaluation of her pre operative videos revealed that her incisal edge position would need to be lengthened, doing so would deepen the bite and increase the likelihood of failure. The decision was made to increase the vertical dimension when restoring the teeth. Increasing VDO would allow for restorative space for creating ideal tooth anatomy. We decided to phase the treatment by first restoring the upper teeth 4-13 and lower teeth 21-29 to ideal occlusion and aesthetics, then complete the molars last.

The case was completed with Empress Esthetic on teeth# 6-11 and 22-27. All posteriors in e.Max for improved strength with ideal aesthetics.


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Dates and locations:
November 3, 4th 2017 Del Ray Beach, FL
January 19, 20 2018 Scottsdale, AZ
March 2, 3rd 2018 Boston, MA
June 8, 9th 2018 Chicago, IL
September 14, 15th Nashville, TN




evaluating VDO








increasing VDO