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Failing Our Dental Profession: Part 3

For the longest time, we believed failing the dental profession meant not preventing cavities. Now, it seems this may not be the case, especially as the role of occlusion in loss of tooth structure becomes more evident. Let me be the first to say it out loud in hopes...

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Failing Our Dental Profession: Part 2

Are we truly upholding our end of the commitment to patients or are we failing them and falling short? All I can say is that in my case, I previously found it challenging to live up to the oath of the dental profession. Failing Our Profession: What Really Causes Loss...

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Failing Our Dental Profession: Part 1

What is the short version for the purpose of our profession? I don’t remember the exact words of the Dental Hippocratic Oath that I recited after graduation, but I’m sure it said something along the lines of, 'Be the best dentist I can be for my patients.' Are We...

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Stop Educating Your Patients: Part 2

It's challenging not to try educating patients while encouraging them to accept treatment. In my last blog, I discussed why patients react negatively when we overshare our knowledge with them. How to Stop Educating Your Patients What goes wrong in these situations...

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Stop Educating Your Patients: Part 1

When you spend time educating your patients rather than appealing to your interests and needs, you have a harder time encouraging them to pursue treatment. How you communicate with them sets the tone for their decision making. Seeking an Improved Quality of Care I...

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