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How to Conduct a Successful New Patient Exam

A successful new patient exam is an opportunity to start developing a long and productive relationship. It may feel like a hassle, especially when you have complex cases already on the schedule, but it's worth every second. If you think of the exam as laying the...

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Making Sure You Get a Great Impression Every Time

A great impression can facilitate superb dental work or it can present unintended problems down the road. The end result depends on your ability to troubleshoot issues that may occur and communicate your intentions with the dental lab. Tips for a Consistently Great...

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How to Make Your Temporary Bridge Successful

An esthetic and functional temporary bridge will set you up for success later on when placing the final restoration. In our haste to impress patients with efficiency and a superb outcome, we can easily overlook the nuances and critical techniques involved in the...

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How to Handle Time Management for Big Cases

Time management during big cases can get the best of any clinician. The combination of patient expectations, complex treatment modalities and handling of many different tasks makes the clock seem to run at hyper speed. It's a balance of keeping the patient...

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Denture Cosmetic Outcomes & Tooth Selection

The cosmetic quality of a denture significantly depends on tooth selection, laboratory processing, and esthetic adjustments. You can offer different levels of denture tooth options that vary in esthetics, function and case fee. These levels can include a premium and...

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