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A clinical Mastery treatment planning workshop

Treatment Planning & Case Presentation

Ultimate Occlusion 3: Treatment Planning & Case Presentation

Do you learn best by DOING? This program is designed specifically for the hands-on learner.

  • Want to know how to treatment plan any patient who walks in your door?
  • Do you want to be able to have an effective new patient interview to understand what the patient wants
    and what’s driving them?
  • Do you want to be able to effectively communicate better with your patients?
  • Do you have a step by step process to perform a comprehensive treatment plan that allows you to stage cases?
  • Do you want to hear more Yeses???


GET CASES OFF YOUR SHELF AND INTO YOUR SCHEDULE! Don’t miss this intimate, hands-on dental, Treatment Planning & Case Presentation program with masters in complex restorative dentistry! Join Dr. John Nosti, Jenn Janicki and Dr. Eric Farmer at dentistry’s most exciting dental, Treatment Planning & Case Presentation workshop!! This isn’t your dental school treatment planning seminar, this is planning and execution!

The greatest challenge as a general dentist is developing a plan for your patients that fits their goals and budgets, without missing opportunities. The variety of treatment options can be overwhelming, how to formulate those options bewildering, and how to present those options confusing. From routine to very complex cases, this course simulates the process and a predictable “how-to” system of taking a case from diagnostics to the presentation and allows you to put into practice what you learn — at the course.

This HANDS-ON experience allows you to learn strategies for effective treatment planning on a variety of restorative cases. With more than eight cases you will learn a predictable system for treatment planning even the most complicated case. This interactive experience will give you the support of our mentors while we provide a rationale and great discussion that will put philosophy into practice. Think LIVE case treatment planning on complex situations in a small, private group atmosphere. We provide practical hands-on support of a treatment planning and case presentation process. Full Mouth Rehabilitation, aesthetically driven cases, complex reconstruction, and severe wear will be examples of cases that you will achieve confidence in your treatment decisions, all while collaborating with the wet-fingered masters in practical, restorative dentistry.

You will treatment plan and learn the following:

  • System for treatment planning every case that will save you time and create possibilities
  • Necessary laboratory records required for complex treatment planning
  • Aesthetic smile design
  • Changing vertical dimension
  • Managing arch length discrepancies
  • Anterior implant considerations
  • Enhanced laboratory communication
  • Staging a complex case at an increased vertical dimension
  • Learn how to execute the perfect new patient interview.
  • CDT Coding of the aesthetic reconstruction from diagnostics to case finishing
  • Case presentation and how to get to YES!
  • Understand how a patients is motivated to accept treatment and what “language” to speak.

Continuing Education Credit Hours:

16 (more than 50% hands-on!) No prerequisite required!




Upcoming Courses:

April 8th & 9th, 2022 – Chicago, IL

October 28th & 29th, 2022 – Washington, DC

PACE credit

Dr. Janice Doan – San Diego, CA

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    Treatment Planning & Case Presentation

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