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Treatment Planning Workshop Rated 5 Stars!!

Treatment Planning CourseOverlooking stunning desert vistas and the stark oranges and reds of the Phoenix valley, the most recent CMS treatment planning course was set to be a weekend of elevated learning and fine-tuning of treatment planning skills at one of the finest resorts in Arizona.

A group of dentists, ranging from the freshly minted “just-out-of-dental-school” doctor to those with up to thirty eight years in practice, came together to engage in what ended up being a valuable workshop for both students and educators.

Over hours of focused lecturing, learning, and practice, the dentists and CMS educators discussed 212 units of dentistry and treatment planned 13 cases—including those brought by the students. It was a jam-packed couple of days, wherein each attendee completed 10 hours of hands on learning by the conclusion of the course.

One alumna from the workshop summed up her experience with this powerful statement: “Once you start learning from the best, you just can’t stop.”

Katie Toh Feedback

Her words express the true core of the CMS approach to continuing education, which is focused on our desire to provide students with a comprehensive method for advancing their skills. We seek out the best of the best in dental education to do exactly that.

Treatment Planning CourseSurrounded by views of the distant mountainous desert and couched in the comfort of a resort atmosphere, our students at the Advanced Treatment Planning Workshop got one-on-one time with the CMS A-team: Drs. John Nosti, Lee Ann Brady, Jason Olitsky, and Mike Smith. Each seasoned educator brought their own skills to the table, whether that be an eye for aesthetics or a skill with recommended tools, and gave students the ability to approach treatment planning with the holistic knowledge to return to their practice with improved case acceptance rates.

Alumni not only rated our instructors very highly, but in their reviews of the course made a repeated demand: They wanted more!  One alumna, when asked if she would recommend the course to her colleagues, stated a definitive, “Absolutely!” This kind of passionate response to our courses is exactly what Clinical Mastery Series continually seeks to inspire. Through entertaining presentations, thoroughly researched lessons, and carefully guided instruction, the Advanced Treatment Planning Workshop at the Phoenician brought together experience and innovation to provide dentists with a tangible path to elevate their learning.

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Dates include:

Speed course – April 1st 2016 at the TOWNIE MEETING in Las Vegas

Advanced Treatment Planning Workshop April 15, 16th 2016 – Philadelphia, PA

Advanced Treatment Planning Workshop October 7, 8th 2016 – Dallas, TX

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