Top Things You Need to Do: Make the Most of Las Vegas CE

We’re closing out the year with a bang in Las Vegas. For the final CMS course of 2016, prepare yourself for casino nights, neon lights, and more upscale restaurants than you could visit in a lifetime.

Join us in Las Vegas for the last CMS course of 2016.

Beneath the dingy, hedonistic exterior of Las Vegas lives and breathes a thriving city where you can experience high-quality entertainment in premium venues. Whether you’re people watching or shopping, there’s something for everyone in this one-stop shop of fun and flair.

Drs. Nosti, Smith, and Brady are bringing the class to Las Vegas for Ultimate Occlusion Advanced Level 3: Mastering Full Mouth Reconstruction the weekend of November 11th to 12th. We’re doubly excited for Ultimate Occlusion 3 because it rounds out a memorable year of CMS learning and travel.

Las Vegas is the last in a line of courses that took our participants and educators across the country, from New Jersey to Seattle and everywhere in between. Next year is sure to be even more incredible!

4 Ways to Have a Good Time in Las Vegas

First time in Vegas? We suggest taking it all in with as little judgement as possible. Enjoy the spectacle of cigarettes, alcohol, scantily clad bachelorette parties, and miniature replicas of sights from around the world with a sense of humor.

There are hidden gems that make it all worthwhile.

Start Your Adventure at the Bellagio

The Bellagio Hotel is a great place to start enjoying Las Vegas.

Indulge in luxury at some of the top hotels in the world.

Resorts in Las Vegas are an attraction in and of themselves and the Bellagio is one of the best of the best.

It combines a few enticing qualities: You can enjoy a satisfying meal at one of their restaurants, marvel at the ceiling of Chihuly blown glass, and you can visit in the afternoon or evening to witness the famous fountain show out front.

Peruse the Shops at Caesars Palace

Even if you only window shop, a visit to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace will give you a look into the glamorous side of Las Vegas. This mini-mall within a famed resort is as outrageous as it is impressive.

Try Something New at Le Pho

Las Vegas is full of entertaining surprises.You’ve never tasted Pho like this before. Take some time to eat a meal that brings a fresh spin to a classic dish.

Le Pho offers this popular Vietnamese hangover cure in an original, unexpected way that you have to try at least once.

Make Time for a Serious History Lesson

Las Vegas is full of surprises. One of its best is a small yet terrifying museum that provides a local perspective on America’s nuclear past. The Atomic Testing Museum will give you the chills and put some perspective on a desert state that offered the world more than endless debauchery.

Vegas is brimming with things to do. See a show, walk the Strip, ride a rollercoaster, drink more martinis than you’ve had since your college days, risk it all in a game of Craps … It’s up to you how you play your cards!

Las Vegas Ultimate Occlusion will be here before you know it! What are you most excited about for our upcoming CMS course in Sin City? 

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