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Rave Review on Dental Photography Course

Clinical Mastery Series dental photography course The Art of Photography: Techniques for Exquisite Clinical and Portrait Photographs  was recently featured on Roadside Dental Marketing. Read as Shannon Mackey raves over Dr. Jason Olitsky’s teaching styles and techniques for Clinical Mastery in the following review:

Mastering Dentistry or Photography –
The Unadulterated Truth

By Shannon Mackey | July 10, 2014

Being the best dentist in the area — check.
Showcasing awkward photos of involuntary patient smiles — double check.

For your practice to survive the ever social, ever growing world, you need to harness the power of imagery and style with photography of your success stories.

So you’re not the best photographer. Who cares? You still get patient headshots… In fact, people should be able to see the masterful texture of your work plus your 30 years of experience all in the quick, awkward, and compulsory-smile photos of your patients, right?


Dental Photography

Humans are exceedingly social beings and we automatically judge people even if we only see them in a still picture at our dentist’s office. So if the only thing prospective clients can see on your website—THE FRONT DOOR OF YOUR BUSINESS—is a bunch of so-called happy patients with unnatural poses and strained smiles, be sure to include a “Close this Webpage” button purely out of common courtesy. And please don’t expect your patients to give you a warm, genuine smile after you just stretched their cheeks to new uncharted levels with an abusive rubber artifact trying to get all ‘intra-oral.’

You: But HOW?! How do I get a microscopic close-up photo to exhibit the corrugated feel of the enamel’s surface? How do I capture the perfect tinge of lighting echoing throughout the veneer?
Roadside: Dr. Jason Olitsky, that’s how.

Our Managing Director Ethan Austin just returned from Olitsky’s Clinical Mastery Dental Photography course and he won’t stop talking about how distinguished and practical the course was. All of the doctors who attended were beside themselves in amazement at how much they learned compared to other courses they’ve invested in. All were greatly involved in this amazing hands-on two-day course to improve the style and feel of practice promotion. We believe this course is the absolute best investment you could make for your practice’s survival and arrival to the dental photography of the big leagues.

During his course you’ll learn:

  • Dental photography methods and techniques
  • How to use camera equipment and storage devices
  • Intra-oral tips and strategies for quality imagery
  • Easy to implement dental portrait photography
  • How to get predictable results every time
  • How to see as an artist and make ordinary people look and feel extraordinary
  • Different subject poses, lighting, and props to make smiles look their best

 Finally, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention an instrumental asset in the success and dynamics of Olitsky’s courses: Sean Chappell from PhotoMed. He is the expert on ALL camera and lighting equipmentneeds. If you have a nice expensive camera, but only know how to use two settings, you’ll love Sean just like all other attendees. He will help you get your money’s worth out of your equipment and photo shoots.

Bottom line:

Learn and adapt. The best doctors of today implement the power of photography into their marketing efforts and thus stay on top of their market. How about you? Where does your website rank in star-patient conversion? We can’t stress this enough: a stellar and genuine website will attract stellar and genuine patients.

Dr. Olitsky’s must-take two-day intense Dental Photography course is only for those seeking American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry accreditation and those who want to improve their dental photography as an appreciated and vital part of their practice promotion and success.

That’s our two cents for now. Do your part and stay amazing at what you do.

— Your Roadside team.

See the details of this Clinical Mastery course here:

Visit Dr. Jason Olitsky’s website  Smile Stylist to see more of his  remarkable work!


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