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3 Simple Website Factors Most Dentists Forget About- And Why They Matter

By Dr. Josh Stelzer

Gone are the days of huge, full color phone book ads being the cornerstone of a dental marketing strategy. Let’s face it – consumers aren’t using phone books when the internet is overflowing with dynamic, multimedia content to help them make choices.

marketing for new patientsIn just a few keystrokes, the internet helps consumers decide:

  • Which dentist offers what I want and need?
  • Who’s the most reliable?
  • Who can I relate to?
  • Who’s got the information I need to make a smart choice?

Maybe you’re in their insurance plan, a friend told them about you, or they found you in a local online search. No matter how they arrived, potential patients will be deciding if they want to do business with you from the moment they arrive at your site. The purpose of your website is marketing for new patients. How then do you stand out from your competition who is just a click away?

Be Authentic – Patients Can See Right Through B.S.

Today’s consumer doesn’t want boring medical jargon. They want to know if you can help them with their goals. Use simple, compelling and engaging words and images to show what you can deliver, not what you think the patient wants to see.

  • Is your focus in cosmetic dentistry? Showcase that.
  • Rarely do implant work? Don’t make that the highlight of your website.
  • Are you family friendly or do you cater to the business crowd?

Be yourself. Your website should “talk” to the viewer just like you would talk with them face to face. You want the patient to see who you are, so when they make the decision to use your practice, you can truly execute to meet those for new patients

Be User Friendly – Give Patients What They Need

While your website may be easy to find in a search result, you want to make sure the patient can navigate and find the information they are looking for easily.

  • Have an easy to find ‘Smile Gallery’.
  • Use real photos of your own work to keep things honest and authentic
  • Highlight your key services or special offers from the home page
  • Make testimonials easy to find
  • Make sure your site answers key questions patients frequently ask
  • Clearly demonstrate what makes your practice unique
  • Use consistent branding with your logo, colors

Introduce Yourself – They Are There To Meet You After All

marketing for new patients

Every viewer of your site wants to know:

  • Who are you? Not just as a professional, as a person.
  • Can you help them?
  • Can you be trusted to meet their expectations?

Use photos and videos to show the patient who you are. Before they even step into your office they should know what you look like and have a general idea of your credentials – or more importantly, what those credentials mean to them.

Remember to share your story; your why. Explain what keeps you motivated to deliver the services you do.

Welcome To The Future

It’s a lucky thing you no longer have to rely on static print advertising to tell your story and grow your practice. Use the tools available to you, focus on these three simple factors of marketing for new patients and your site will be a magnet for those who want what you have to offer.


See these key elements and more on Dr. Stelzer’s website for Stelzer Dental here.

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