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Ode to Hygienists: Valuing the Cornerstone of Your Practice

Hygienists are the foundation of our dental practices.Once you find the right team of hygienists that works best with you and your practice, you can start to develop long-term, profitable relationships with them.

Hygienists Are the Cornerstone of a Successful Practice

Let’s be honest: Hygienists are really cool. They maintain connections with our patients that can lead to future dentistry and create a rapport that keeps those same people coming back for years.

We entrust them with acting as the bedrock of our business and in turn they gain the trust of patients.

Because we love them so much, we thought we’d have a little fun today with some of the more hilarious aspects of their position. This is for you “girls” (ahem, they’re grown women and even sometimes men)!

3 Quirks of Hygienists

1. They’re Floss Nazis

Hygienists are known for being extremely rigid in their expectations about people’s oral hygiene. 

“Have you been flossing daily? Dear me, these gums are getting a little out of hand … “

Even dentists will start to feel inadequate about oral health in their presence.

They’re the type of people who will reach into their purse for floss at a restaurant table. But hey, they’re just trying to walk the talk! 

2. They Like Weird Sounds

Hygienists are the only people on the planet who like the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

They get used to it from having to listen to the whir and scrape of hygiene instruments all day every day.

We’re not sure if this will be a useful skill during the apocalypse, but it sure is impressive.

3. They Can Make Small Talk For-EVER

Hygienists learn how to talk about absolutely nothing, continuously, for hours at a time.

Think about it: Patients can never properly answer back with instruments in their mouth. Hygienists ask questions and don’t expect answers they can distinguish over the mumbling and gargling.

They can keep anyone entertained without needing significant input.

Do you have hilarious memories of any of your current or past hygiene team? Tell us your story in the comments!

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