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The Best in Dental Implant Continuing Education | Live Patient Over-the-Shoulder

Dental Implant Continuing Education

Have you ever seated an anterior implant crown that looked perfect only to have 2mm recession occur a few years down the road? Do you know the when, where, and why of custom implant impression copings? Do you know the when, where, and why of custom healing abutments? Have you been able to successfully communicate with your surgeon an ideal implant placement position that would be more predictable for the soft tissue appearance long term? Do you know what patients are at risk for huge defects even before the tooth is extracted? Do you know what graft should be done at every anterior implant placement which would make your soft tissue level more predictable long term? Do you know an easy way to fabricate an immediate temporary?

Clinical Mastery hosted our first ever Implants Live course, a dental implant continuing education course. Doctors were welcomed to Glendale, Arizona for a two day dental continuing education event that featured 3 different live patients, over-the-shoulder learning, and hands-on activities. Day one covered everything from treatment planning and ideal implant placement to sequencing collaborative efforts between both the surgeon and restorative specialist.

On the first day, participants observed implant trouble shooting and implant placement side by side with Dr. David Barget in a live patient setting as he surgically placed anterior implants in the aesthetic zone. Day two, they participated in an over the shoulder dental continuing education experience with Dr. Lee Ann Brady as she created an ideal chairside dental implant provisional. The participants were then given the opportunity to work hands on and put their new skills to work in fabricating their own impression copings and chairside implant provisional restoration. For those not in the operatory, a high definition, live broadcast with audio was available so every participant could have the up close and personal surgical and implant prosthetic experience.

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The ability to learn live patient and over the shoulder is unlike any other. Pair that with the great collaboration between both Drs. Barget and Brady and you get a very successful weekend of dental continuing education!

Hear what our attendees had to say:

Mastering Implant Success blew me away this weekend with Dr. Lee Brady and Dr. David Barget. Having the restorative dentist and the periodontist (my opinion the master of soft tissue) teaching the course in tandem is superior to any other learning experience I have been part of.  . . and by far the best aspect of this dental continuing education experience is to be able to discuss with both the periodontist and restorative dentist treatment complications you have seen in your office and how to prevent them, or correct them. A course that I wish I brought my periodontist to!!! Consider bringing your surgical team for increased success!!” –Dr. John Nosti (to read the full testimonial thread on DentalTown, click here)

There were multiple patients that we observed either over-the-shoulder or with the live video streaming on flat screens. From an implant restorative dentist’s perspective, I have a whole new respect for the challenges the surgeon faces in the placement of the implant and the need for good communication between the periodontist, the lab and me. No matter whether you have been placing implants for years or only do implant restorative in your practice, you will learn many pearls from attending this Clinical Mastery Class. 5 stars.” -Dr. Elizabeth Fleming (to read the full testimonial thread on DentalTown, click here)

I’ve had the opportunity to take hundred and hundreds of hours of dental continuing education. Mastering Implant Success ranks right near the top of what’s available in CE today. The collaboration between Clinical Mastery, Dr. Brady and Dr. Barget is top-notch. This course offered a perfect combination of lecture, live patient demonstration and hands-on work. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in increasing their knowledge and success with implants.”  -Dr. Nicholas Wall


If you missed last weekend’s course, make sure to register now for one of our 2015 dates!
May 15, 16th 2015– Glendale, AZ
December 4, 5th 2015– Glendale, AZ

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