Best Patient Directed Dental Blog Topics to Drive Traffic to Your Practice

Are your dental blog topics dried up or uninspired? We’ve got you covered.

It shouldn’t be a challenge to put together a 300-500 word piece that communicates your voice and the goals of your dentistry. Still, coming up with a good idea on the spot can be harder than you’d think.

dental practice blog topics We’ve got plenty of resources posted at CMS for dentists interested in boosting their blogging skills. Here are two more quick start ideas in addition to the ones below. And don’t miss our advice on blog relevance and readability.

Blog Topics for Dental Practices to Capture Patient Interest

One important thing to remember when you’re stuck on blog ideas is that what’s getting you excited as a dentist can be equally exciting to your patients. All you have to do is put your interest in language that anyone can understand.

Did you read a paper on recent research or a new technology that’s got your curiosity piqued? So long as it’s not too controversial, there’s nothing wrong with giving your opinion in a professional manner.

Similarly, don’t shy away from discussing the treatments you offer and why. Patients want to know more about you and will likely find it very interesting to read what you think of your work.

Here are two dental blog topics to get you back into the blogging mindset:

1. Digital Dentistry

You may think of yourself as a cutting edge practice, but how often does your patient base see this side of you? Talk about the advances in dentistry and why patients will benefit from them.

2. Teeth Whitening Myths

Esthetics can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Whitening is a gateway to other cosmetic treatments, so it doesn’t hurt to mention your perspective on this popular enhancement.

Do you have a dental practice blog? Why or why not? 

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