Dental Photography

The Art of Dental Photography: Techniques for Exquisite Clinical and Portrait Photographs

Dental Photography

The Art of Dental Photography: Techniques for Exquisite Clinical and Portrait Photographs

The goal:

Learn the skills and techniques needed in this dental photography course to incorporate clinical and portrait photography into your dental practice. This course will show you how to take and manage high-quality digital or film photographs used for promoting, documenting, evaluating, and communicating the key elements of dentistry. An easy-to-understand system of how to use digital dental photography to get better results will be presented, which can be immediately implemented into your practice. Get educated on the most current technical trends in equipment and lighting that make images look extraordinary. Dr. Olitksy will demonstrate how to use high impact DSLR video and photography to make emotional connections with our patients. This is a must-take course for those seeking American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry AACD accreditation.

This two-day hands-on dental photography CE includes workshops to implement the clinical intraoral skills necessary as well as developing the fundamentals to include dental photography as a vital part of your practice promotion.

During this course, you will learn:

  • Basic photography skills with breakout sessions that will enable you to manually control the camera in natural light situations
  • Hands-on practice capturing standardized views with various clinical lighting techniques and equipment
  • Hands-on portrait photography workshop with both full studio lighting set-ups for larger spaces and simple light set-ups for offices without space for a dedicated studio
  • Tips and tricks on utilizing photography for laboratory communication from matching single incisors to full mouth rehabilitations
  • The most current techniques in dental photography and lighting that will make your pictures stand out and your dentistry look extraordinary
  • How to integrate DSLR video and Digital Smile Design techniques into presentation and communication with the patient, laboratory and restorative team
  • Intra-oral tips and strategies for quality images
  • How to get predictable results every time
  • How to see as an artist and make ordinary people look and feel extraordinary
  • Different subject poses, lighting, and props to make smiles look their best

Want to do more dentistry? Your dental photography skills are critical. Learn from the master in his dental photography courses!
Need proof? Check out Wall Smiles and Smile Stylist websites.

Demonstration dental camera kits and equipment graciously provided by the folks at PhotoMed.

Course Director:

Jason Olitsky, DMD, AAACD – Check out his practice site at

Special Faculty:

Sean Chappell

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